Anatomical Human Patient Care Manikin Model Nursing Training

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This human manikin is a great plus for teaching nurses and emergency technicians in caring for patients. 

It’s always better to show and tell than just to tell. This life-size patient care manikin model will be a visual and hands-on aid to the classroom teacher and a great learning tool for the students. This adult female model will enhance the training of medical professionals and nursing and medical students.

The moveable joints of the model which are easily assembled mimics those of a real human. Hands on training is benefited by small and large injection pads that provide sites for injection and puncture practice. The model includes 20cc plastic bottles that can be filled with liquids to demonstrate phlebotomy procedures. The model is made of sturdy soft and hard, high-quality PVC which can be easily cleaned and maintained.

Some of the procedures that can be practiced on this model include: 

  • washing & bathing
  • cleansing the mouth 
  • nasal feeding
  • stomach lavages
  • puncture of the chest, liver, kidney, abdomen, medulla and lumbar
  • injections – deltoid and hypodermic deltoid
  • heart injections
  • vein injection, puncture and transfusion
  • female catheterization
  • muscular injection (of buttocks)


  • Height: 150cm (approximately)

Model comes with pajamas.

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1 x Anatomical Human Patient Care Manikin Model Nursing Training


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