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Buy our Fans Now and Pay when you can 
When the weather gets a bit extreme, and the heat can no longer be tolerated, fans come in real handy. These are some of the many products that pay later alligator provides and specializes in. Our customers mean a lot to us, and so does their comfort.

We know and understand that when it’s too hot and humid, nothing feels better than turning on the fan and letting your bodies cool down. Pay later alligator provides a wide variety of them so that you can choose wisely and allow us and our products to be of service.
The two main types of fans that we produce are tower fans and wall fans. These are the main ones and offer great relief during extreme weather conditions. Wall fans are usually mounted upon the wall, either on the ceiling right above the bed or other furniture, or mounted on sidewalls and provide air from there. These are bigger in size and generate quite a lot of cool air.

You can choose the speed that you want the fan to spin at, which can be remote-controlled. These are safe to use and can be used both during summers and winter.

Tower fans, on the other hand, are placed vertically and are extremely easy to use. They do not take up much space; instead, they are convenient and slim in shape. They also look sleeker than those that are mounted on the wall. They are also remote controlled and offer touch control; however, they do not provide as much cool air as the others do.
Extra information
Fans are a must and a necessity often, whether during winters or summers and therefore, we provide those that can suit both seasons. They are straightforward to use and install, and they do not cause a burden on the electricity bill.