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Go Skitz 2.0 Electric Scooter Blue

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Electric Scooter 120 W Red

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Electric Scooter 120 W Black

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Electric Scooter with Seat 120 W Red

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Electric Scooter with Seat 120 W Black

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Go Skitz 1.0 Electric Scooter White/Blue

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Go Skitz 1.0 Electric Scooter White/Pink

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Go Skitz 1.0 Electric Scooter White/Red

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Go Skitz 2.0 Electric Scooter Pink

70% Out of stock Razor California Longboard Scooter- Wood Finish 2Razor California Longboard Scooter- Wood Finish 1

Razor California Longboard Scooter- Wood Finish

$163.99 $547.99
70% Out of stock Razor Rift Kids Scooter Push Bike 2Razor Rift Kids Scooter Push Bike 1

Razor Rift Kids Scooter Push Bike

$100.99 $335.99

Have an Eco-Friendly Ride with our Electric Scooter

Presenting the newest electric scooters for an exceptional ride. We propose electric scooters in favour of environment-friendly travelling and also intending to save money you spend on fuel. Explore our brand new electric scooters with a battery attached offers an outstanding ride up to ten hours. We stock plenty of varieties that all scooters differ from features, design and height dimensions they offer. The average speed of our scooters in stock is about 20km/hr, which has proved prominent to have a ride regularly. Now let your kids wander off outdoor with our electric scooter promise to produce super fantastic group play with friends.  

Moreover, our electric scooters are designed with a sturdy steel frame to provide steady support to kids above six years.

Ride it with Style & Class

Get a stylish look and ride it with all class as our electric scooters are pure aesthetic in terms of look and features. In modern time, when the environment has become an important subject, it’s better to provide an eco-friendly scooter than to choose a motorbike for daily travel.

Moderate Rates of Electric Scooter Australia

Low rates of electric scooter Australia with high quality of steel frame and durable battery. Always choose a ride that is the most comfortable and we assure you that with efficient foot support, fabulous design and excellent speed and battery management, our scooters are versatile and hard to be found at this low price. Get your favourite electric scooter with our Buy Now, Pay Later policy. Buy a scooter now and you can pay later in instalments with our best payment partners like Afterpay, Humm, LayBuy and Zippay. Wishing a lovely ride.