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Frog High Chair

$126.99 $317.99
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Baby High Chair (Acacia)

$126.99 $317.99
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Primo Hook On High Chair – Moon Mist

$87.99 $218.99
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3 in 1 Toddler Chair

$88.99 $221.99
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Child Study Desk Set

$184.99 $462.99
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3 tier Tree Shelf

$240.99 $602.99
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Two- Tier Tree Shelf

$177.99 $443.99
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Keezi 5 Piece Kids Table and Chair Set – Blue

$151.99 $380.99

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Keezi 5 Piece Kids Table and Chair Set – Yellow

$151.99 $380.99

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Keezi 5 Piece Kids Table and Chair Set – Red

$137.99 $345.99

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Keezi Set of 4 Kids Play Chairs

$77.99 $195.99

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Artiss Kids Table and Chair Set – White

$137.99 $345.99

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Acacia Square Table

$84.99 $212.99
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White Square Table

$84.99 $212.99
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2 x Acacia Stacking Chair

$112.99 $282.99
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Hardwood Study Desk (Acacia)

$133.99 $334.99
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Acacia Round Table 90

$148.99 $373.99
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Acacia Round Table 75

$133.99 $334.99
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Make Their Bedroom Shine Bright with Our Range of Kids Furniture Products

Pay Later Alligator provides the best furniture products for lovely kids at your home. We have numerous quality products ranging from kids table and chairs for their studies to colourful toy boxes and artistically designed bookshelves. Our products are designed child-friendly and creatively that meet their personal preferences. 

We deliver stylish and animatedly designed decors to give their bedroom a unique and creative look so that they feel to be surrounded by an artistic ambience. We have our kids furniture across various colours, designs and patterns, and you can choose your preferred varieties based on their favourites.

Grab Wonderful Toy Boxes 

In terms of kids’ favourite things, we all know that kids love their toys more than anything in life. You can list kids’ toys on the top among all the requirements they need in life. We have a range of toy boxes and bins with which they can easily organise their collection of toys.

Also, providing a toy box can make a significant impact on their habit of putting the toys in the box after playing. Get the right toy box for your kid’s bedroom with our various colourfully designed patterns and styles

With the Engaging Furniture of their Choice, They Indeed Feel Creative!

Modern age kids always believe in making their bedroom always shine bright with the things they love the most. Whether it’s a pile of comics they like to read or a toy bin in which they need to keep their favourite toys, Pay Later Alligator delivers the quality and durable products of their choice.  

With de facto, sometimes, all the things they need is a fantastic bedroom which can accompany them in everyday activities, and we believe that we can provide it with our creative range of furnishings. Shop your furniture now and pay later in easy and interest-free instalments.