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Shop The Best Camping Gear For Your Next Camping Trip

At Pay Later Alligator, we know that camping is a necessary break you would make to get away from ordinary life, and that’s why we deliver excellent camping gear to make your trip memorable. We are always delighted to serve our wide range of gears Australia-wide at affordable prices. You can buy anything & everything for your next trip from essential equipment to adventure add-ons to turn your outing into a magnificent adventure.  

With our unique Buy Now Pay Later payment options, you can shop your gears and equipment now and pay later at your convenience even after getting back from your trip. As camping is Pay Later Alligator’s one of the best-selling shops, we ensure that you will explore your equipment in massive varieties and will enjoy paying later for everything you buy. 

We have tents, swags, camping table and chairs, sleeping bags and a whole lot of items available over numerous varieties and we provide you exciting deals on them. 

Get a brief over some of our best-selling gears

Camping tent:

Shop essential camping equipment in a range of varieties. We have camping tents available over 2-4 person tents, 4-6 person tents, 6-8 person tents, 8-10 person tents and 10-12 person large tents. We stock pop-up beach tents which are excellent for weekend getaways at a beach or somewhere across the river. 

Swag Tents:

In the modern time, swags are the first-choice of campers because they’re built with warmer canvas quality and fully enclosed design that make camping at cold places convenient. They’re also more comfortable than regular tents in terms of sleeping as they come with a pre-fixed foam or spring mattress. We stock portable swag tents that are easy to be carried away and designed with some unique features to make sure you enjoy your relaxation time flawlessly. 

Sleeping Bag:

A sleeping bag is one of the most loved camping equipment. We stock versatile sleeping bags that extend support in every Australian weather climate, whether it’s winter, summer or monsoon. With excellent temperature control setting, water-resistant materials, portable & spacious design and inner pockets, our sleeping bag is a must-have camping gear to stay cosy at the campsite. 

Camping Mattress:

In case you choose a swag, you’ll need a camping mattress, and we have a wide variety of beds and mats available over various standard Australian bed sizes. Designed with some unique features like high-density foam, smooth and water-resistant polyester surface, our mattress will serve you a good night’s sleep at the campsite. Choose your preferred size from our queen, double, king single and single size mattresses. 

Camping Table and Chairs:

A set of camping table and chairs is a must-have for any camp trip to sit and eat meals. Our portable camping chairs are excellent to have a seat and relish a beautiful prospect visible around your campsite. Camping chairs with armrest, padded backrest and comfortable seat make sure you enjoy your expedition in nature conveniently.  

Camping Fridge & Freezer:

Chill out and cheer up drinks with your friends and family with our camping fridge all your trip. You can keep your fruits, veggies and all fresh in our spacious camping fridge. Available in over a dozen varieties based on size and weight, our fridges are portable and compact to be moved away in your campervan or car. 

Camping Toilet and Shower Accessories:

If you’re travelling to Australia’s remote areas, make sure you go with a camping toilet and a shower tent. Camping toilet and shower accessories are one of the essential camping gear, and with our portable and lightweight products, you’ll have a homey camping experience. Choose your suitable size and style from over a dozen varieties available based on size, pattern and features. 

Kayaks and SUPs:

Add a thrill of adventure to your whole camping escapade with our kayak for sale and standup paddleboard. Our products are capable of producing high-amount of stimulation in your adventure and support your spirit with some unique features. We stock kayaks and SUPs over complete inflatable designs that are easy and quick to inflate and deflate and are suitable for your various watersports activities.  

At Pay Later Alligator, you’ll be glad to experience the joy of paying later. We give you over half a dozen options to Shop Now and Pay Later at your convenience. Any camping gear you shop, we ensure high-quality and durable products. Grab the most affordable prices every special occasion and special prices from us every week.