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24kg Powertrain Adjustable Home Gym Dumbbell

$405.99 $1,015.99
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Reebok ZJET 430 Exercise Bike

$429.00 $749.00
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FB55G Fitness Ball 55cm Grey

$17.50 $79.00
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Eva Foam Roller 33x15cm

$22.00 $49.00
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Yoga Wheel – Blue

$35.00 $79.95
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MT14B Yoga Mat Blue 1800*600*20mm

$29.95 $35.00
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SB12X 12KG Slamball

$39.00 $64.00
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SB8 8kg Slam Ball

$25.00 $45.00
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MB06 Medicine Ball 6kg

$55.00 $59.00
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PBX20 Power Bag – 20kg

$99.00 $110.00
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PB25 Power Bag – 25kg

Out of stock POWERBAGX-10KG_media-02POWERBAGX-10KG_media-01_9e7bba1a-c81a-4fe9-831e-3744617dd700

Cortex Power Bag – 10kg

Out of stock WEIGHTVEST-20KG_02.jpgWEIGHTVEST-20KG_01.jpg

Cortex Weight Vest 20kg

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KB164 Kettlebell PU 16kg

$159.00 $175.00
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KB160 Kettlebell PU 8kg

$79.00 $89.00
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KB144 Kettlebell Steel 16kg

$99.00 $132.00
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KB140 Kettlebell Steel 8kg

$69.00 $89.00
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Kettlebell Vinyl Set 4kg to 12kg – 40kg in total

$149.00 $215.00
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KB16 16kg Vinyl Kettlebell

$69.00 $70.00
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KB12 12kg Vinyl Kettlebell

$49.00 $59.00
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KB8 8kg Vinyl Kettlebell

$39.00 $43.00
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KB110 10KG Kettlebell

$29.00 $33.00
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Adjustable Dumbbells 52.5lb in Pairs (48kg) + Stand

$399.00 $527.00
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Olympic Dumbbell Weight Set – 60kg

$269.00 $380.00
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Hex Fixed Dumbell Set 1-10kg Pairs + Stand

$499.00 $851.00

CORTEX Thick Bar Grips (Pair)

$26.99 $39.00
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Olympic Tribar Weight Set – 40kg

$189.00 $238.00
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BP04 Cortex Competition Olympic Plate 25kg (Pair)

$539.00 $840.00

BP03 Cortex Competition Olympic Plate 20kg (Pair)

$429.00 $680.00
30% Out of stock BUMPPLATECOMP-10KG_02.jpgBUMPPLATECOMP-10KG_01.jpg

BP01 10KG Competition Bumper Plate

$119.00 $170.00
46% Out of stock BUMPPLATEBK-15KG-PAIR_02.jpgBUMPPLATEBK-15KG-PAIR_01.jpg

BPB15 Cortex Black Bumper Olympic Plate 15kg (Pair)

$109.00 $200.00

Pay Later Alligator: Massive Collection of Home Gym Equipment

Building a great gym at home and start working out on goals like a beast is what makes sense to fitness and bodybuilding. In modern time, where we get everything sitting at home then why we would overspend our time, money and especially efforts stretching out to a local gym. Everybody here in the world aspires to be fit, to have a toned body, wants to have muscles and curves that would explain their curved and perfect body. But not everyone there craves to work hard to hold on a daily exercise routine and fitness goals that would take their health to a distinct level. Although, there’s no doubt that many will make a plan, but would fail to execute it due to specific reasons. The most important thing that lies within is all about getting inspiration and modernisation of gym equipment. What everyone needs here is a certain amount of motivation to just kick off their workout routine and some modern and latest gym gears which will deliver efficient and productive workouts at least efforts.

At Pay Later Alligator, when you are here to buy home gym equipment, we assure our buyers that our gym gears are modernised to save your time and efforts, while still providing most efficient workouts. With cheers to sprightly and enthusiastic workouts, we represent our fitness equipment with exclusive deals.

High-quality Equipment at Affordable rates and a Unique Payment Method.

What sets us apart from other online fitness stores is the superlative quality of equipment at the most affordable prices. Our cost management is great and is the result of boundless relations with the peak fitness brands in the country. No matter, what you are looking for and how costlier you’d expected, you will discover the best prices here only on Pay Later Alligator.

The process of sweating during exercises becomes sweet with Pay Later Alligator’s unique payment method that stands as Buy Now, Pay Later. By which we allow our customers to buy fitness equipment now and pay for it later using our best payment options as Afterpay, Humm and Zippay.
Vigorous Welcome to our Mightiest Fitness World
Take a look at each section has what to offer.


Treadmill is the basic gym gear that would be at first on the list of your home gym equipment. Walk, jog and run at different speed levels as per your daily aims on our modern treadmill for sale. Our treadmills are peerless to be found anywhere with special features like multiple training programmes, anti-slippery running board, a digital LCD display that counts the statistics of your workouts and lots of more that will deliver great cardio benefits beyond expectations.


Dumbbells and whole dumbbells set with exclusive deals. Explore our widest range of dumbbells and dumbbells set with every weight variant you are looking for. Dumbbells starting from 3kg of weight to 80kg will make a great set in your home gym. Find out the right size variant or pick up a whole set according to preferences and we assure you that our dumbbells will be worth having with handy grip and brilliant weight management.

Exercise BikeCross Trainer:

Presenting the newest 2 in 1 cross trainer with both cross trainer and exercise bike features. As a treadmill and an exercise bike offer the same cardiovascular benefits, a cross trainer will be excellent to add one more choice to your home gym equipment. We also have distinct cross trainers and exercise bikes both with individual design and different features that you will love to have a choice from. Get a cross trainer with the exercise bike or buy both separately, we promise that all gears in stock are modern and high-end to brand new features.


A diverse range of kettlebell with exclusive deals. Our kettlebells are colourfully designed that looks fabulous and are perfect to hold them with a convenient grip. Get your choice from our collection of various weight sets or choose the right variant size that you need according to your preferences.

Boxing Gears:

Our boxing gears are just perfect to learn new skills. To make a worthy place in your home gym, we have a punching bag, boxing bag, punching gloves in loads of varieties and in different weight alternatives. Boxing gears may not seem so important to bring at home, but it’s related to mental health benefits as well as physical health benefits. Learn boxing skills and self-defence skills with our best pair of a punching bag and punching gloves.


Pay Later Alligator presents trampolines as family fun in your backyard. However, it’s not certain home gym equipment, yet everyone knows that it’s fun plus fitness. Having fun and fitness united is a trampoline’s style and we have some really prominent varieties for you to check out. Explore the widest collection of kids trampolines also, with fun and fitness that your kids deserve.

Yoga Mats and Air Track Mat:

Yoga soothes you both mentally and physically. So never mind, when the term comes to yoga, our stock is always updated with most comfortable and perfect yoga mats. The colours that suit your floor and materials and quality that your body. No matter how long and bitter your yoga asana is, our mats with perfect thickness are ideal to suit any of your yoga poses. Moreover, we have a different categorised air track mats which you can use for any kind of sports. Make sure you don’t miss the deals going on the air track and yoga mats of your choice.

Bench and Multi Station Gym Set:

Build an ultimate gym at home. Leave nothing in putting yourself up and workout like a beast! As you keep stepping up into the next level of your fitness, our bench and multi-station gym set will help you to build muscles and tone your body based on your daily method. Our multi-station gym sets are perfect to provide you with full-body workout and fulfil your bodybuilding goals. Buy a specific multi-station gym set from us and start working out on your bodybuilding goals vigorously.

Vibrating Platform:

The newest and innovative way to attain fitness. A vibrating platform is one such gear that generates vibrations to your body and gives you all the benefits of a gym at home. As a vibration machine proposes painless exercises, there are plenty of benefits working out on it. It helps to lose your weight, improves muscle strength, helps to have toned muscles and most importantly enhances balance and coordination of your body. Buy a vibration at the cheapest price online at Pay Later Alligator.

Other Fitness Accessories:

Other fitness accessories that you will need to have for better and convenient exercises. We have a huge stock of fitness accessories that’s worth exploring for anything you need for your home gym equipment. Starting from the resistance band and bubble soccer ball to strapping & compression and ankle and vest weight accessories. Not only this, our other fitness accessories category is giant containing profuse gym gears to please every choice out there.

Without any doubt, health is a basic aspect of life that we care about most importantly above everything else. Fitness is one of the most essential elements need to be nurtured well and unquestionably, Aussies will be effectively caring for it. As you are here to buy necessary gym gears for your well-being and to stay become fit in everyday life, we are committed to delivering the great value of fitness equipment. With the best prices, modern and superlative equipment, Pay Later Alligator has maintained its place as one of the most trusted Afterpay stores in the country, which only intend to concern about fitness Australia.