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For boxing, for martial arts, or just for a terrific workout, the 37kg Punching Bag can deliver for you. All of our gym products can take a pounding, and in this case, it’s literally true!   The first thing you want in a punching bag is durability. This bag is crafted with a high-quality and …
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Terrific for agility and speed building, the Speedball with Wall Frame has everything you need for a straightforward installation in the garage, rec room, or gym. It’s a perfect training tool for boxers, martial artists, or just as a fun break from the ordinary for general fitness.   A complete wall frame kit is included …
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Perfect for the home, garage or gym, the Punching Bag Pivot Bracket is a great choice no matter your fitness level. And don’t worry about having an intense workout — the bracket is made from a heavy-duty steel with a black powder-coated finish. It will be your fitness companion for many years to come. Features …
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The perfect workout partner that won”t talk back to you! Tone, strengthen and increase reflexes with this “floor to ceiling punching ball. Take your fitness training to a new level. Increase your striking power with this floor to ceiling top quality fitness accessory that is built to last. The response of the ball is quicker …
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Kicking Pad

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This heavy-duty large curved strike shield will help make you fitter, stronger and more focused! This tough and durable strike shield provides reliable performance and stands up to the most rigorous workout routines. Training regimens in many sports will benefit with the addition of this important fitness accessory. Whether you”re into boxing, martial arts, rugby …
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Thai Pads High Quality Grade A PU leather! Sold in pairs. Our high quality, grade A, PU leather Thai pads are the very best your cash can buy!!! We supply these Thai pads to a variety of gyms all across Australia. These Thai pads are essential for any workout regimen and are sold in pairs. …
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Thai Pads High Quality Grade A PU leather! Sold in pairs. Our high quality, grade A, PU leather Thai pads are the very best your cash can buy!!! We supply these Thai pads to a variety of gyms all across Australia. These Thai pads are essential for any workout regimen and are sold in pairs. …
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Bring versatility and flexibility to your kicking and punching routines! Designed to bring the maximum intensity to your workouts, these black and red weight pads are sturdy and long-lasting. The pads are built to withstand punishment while providing you with the optimum in comfort and safety. These pads with their dense padding and durable stitching …
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Perfect your punching techniques with a pair of these rugged Thai boxing mitts! High quality Thai boxing mitts such like ours are commonly used by boxers and their trainers. In practice sessions, the trainers act as moving targets to develop the boxer’s techniques and hone his skills. Made of tough PVC, our boxing mitts are …
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Boost your kickboxing skills in the comfort of your own home with this fantastic new workout combo! The sturdy sparring shield with its high-density foam padding is built to take a real beating. Your kickboxing skills will be enhanced with the enhanced level of resistance through the intense training made possible with our new fitness …
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Our fantastic high-quality punching bag set will increase your endurance, strength and agility along with enhancing your overall fitness!   Our 25 lb. punching bag is constructed of the highest quality material and is built to take a beating – literally! The bag is equipped with suspension straps that ensure safety and durability.  The perfect …
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This Wall Mounted Boxing Bag Rack is ideal for boxing enthusiasts! Mount this rack to any wall to help enhance your workout routine. With a maximum weight capacity of 100kg and a heavy duty steel construction this rack and withstand the right hooks and kicks of any MMA fighter! The four-point fixture and hanging snap …
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Take the fun part of the gym home! Combine your cardio session with a complete upper body workout. Try a boxing workout on a Randy & Travis Machinery XL3000 heavy duty punching bag in the comfort of your own home. You will love letting loose and you will build balancing muscles you never knew you …
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Work on your cardio, speed and accuracy with a punch bag that moves with you. Free-standing punch bags are popular for martial arts training because of their versatility. You can move them anywhere and they are perfect for boxing, punching or kicking. Boxers, kickboxers and mixed martial artists use them. Fitness trainers and home enthusiasts …
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Great for improving hand and eye co-ordination and letting off a bit of steam, this free standing punching ball is a great addition to any kid’s bedroom or rumpus room. Complete with boxing gloves, a hand pump and a base to be filled with sand or water for stability, there’ll be no more excuses for …
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If you’re into kickboxing or mixed martial arts, this kickboxing strike shield pad by Randy & Travis Machinery will give you all you need to practice your moves safely. Made from sturdy hide leather and shock-absorbent gel,  this shield will protect you from blows as you build your competitive edge. Reinforced stitching and straps provide …
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Multi Purpose Home Gym

$107.99 $270.99

The Punching Bag Bracket and Chin-Up Bar combines two great ways to get fit. And it can be yours at our everyday low price. This piece of fitness equipment is attached to brick or stone (hardware, speedball and instructions are included). You can use the padded grips for chin-ups, pull-ups, leg raises and more. Or …
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Ready for a heavy-duty workout in the garage, outdoors, or anywhere else you need it? Welcome to the Freestanding Punch Bag Stand. The name says it all. This stand can be set up anywhere. You’ll enjoy a great workout which will build strength and agility for boxers, martial artists, or anyone else.   The punch …
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Your Children will have hours of fun with this great kids’ size punching bag. While your kids are having fun slugging away at this pint-sized punching bag they won’t realize that they are learning to compete, improving their speed and agility, building strength and developing their eye-hand coordination. This punching bag comes with a pair …
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The women in your life can work out in the comfort of their home with this great heavy-duty punching bag. The punching bag comes with red 12-ounce boxing gloves but don’t think this is “girlie” equipment. The 70 lb punching bag provides a tough workout for women and men. The punching bag is constructed from …
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Box Stand 2 Way

$315.99 $902.99

This boxing stand can help improve punching, speed and co-ordination, allowing users to practice and develop punching and kicking techniques. This boxing stand comes complete with the combination of the steel frame, the punching bag, the speedball and its platform. They are suitable for both home and gym use. This stand is made of robust …
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This speed ball platform provides a great training aid for MMA, Boxing, Martial arts and so much more. The wooden platform can be held in place onto the wall using the metal bracket. The set comes with 2 wall brackets which allow you to affix platform at any desired height on the wall. The bracket …
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Learning new skills with our Vigorous Boxing equipment

Pay Later Alligator has a vast collection of boxing gears that you would love to have in your home gym to learn boxing skills. Watching boxing is fun, especially when your favourite boxer is beating the opponent vigorously in one last round. 

Regardless of boxing enthusiasts, a set of boxing equipment adds more value to your home gym and help you learn new skills and start your routine with more vigour. 

We believe that punching the bag every morning can be stress-relieving, help you to get positive before you start your gym session. For everyone who likes boxing, our gears designed upon professional standards are irresistible to have them in your home gym.  

We have punching pads, punching bag, punching gloves and whole sets of boxing gears available for adults as well as children. These products match standards with professional boxing, and you can get trained while stepping each stage routinely.

Buy a Versatile Boxing Set

Buy a whole boxing set that includes a punching bag, punching bag stand and boxing gloves which makes an excellent set for your professional home gym. 

Available in MMA variants, these equipment are excellent to occupy and try out different techniques with your boxing-fanatic friend and fellow gym trainers.

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