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KB106 6KG Kettlebell

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KB108 8KG Kettlebell

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KB110 10KG Kettlebell

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KB112 12KG Kettlebell

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KB116 16KG Kettlebell

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KB4 4kg Vinyl Kettlebell

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KB6 6kg Vinyl Kettlebell

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KB8 8kg Vinyl Kettlebell

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KB12 12kg Vinyl Kettlebell

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Improve your strength, stability and fitness using our kettlebell

The kettlebell is a cast-iron weight that works excellent to perform exercises focused on strength, cardiovascular and flexibility training. Typically, kettlebell exercises build endurance, especially in the shoulders, lower back and legs.  With this, the basic movements like rotational swing, snatch, jerk, cleans, throws, etc. engage your body altogether. 

Since these exercises are holistic, they work on several muscles simultaneously and can be continuously repeated for several minutes or maybe with short breaks. This combination turns the exercise partly aerobic, but more identical to high-intensity interval training compared to traditional weight lifting.  

Choose the kettlebell according to your preferences

Explore our extensive range available in optimal designs, weight variations that can be efficiently used in the commercial gym as well as in the home gym. With bright colour choices and superior product design, you’ll have a perfect grip and your workout will be a powerful one. The distinct colour-coding features in bright fluorescent colours to enable you to differentiate between each separate weights easily. Our steel kettlebells have slimmer handles that prevent lateral slippage and allow you to grip better every time. We stock in kettlebells from the top-most brands such as Everfit in Australia. 

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