Outdoor Fun For Kids In Your Backyard - Best Sandpit Set

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Encourage Outdoor Play - Sandpit Toys For Kids

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What is a Sandpit?

A sandpit is a shallow hole or box with sand in it that small children can play in.

What age is appropriate for a sandpit?

Some babies enjoy playing in sand even before their first birthday. Others dislike the feeling of sand, so they never take to a sandbox. But by around 12-18 months, most kids like playing in the sandbox. When you first put your baby in the sandbox, stay close to him until he goes where he wants to go on his own.

What sand is used in Sandpit?

Play-friendly! A good rule of thumb? Opt for play sand over building sand. Play sand is softer and safer, so it's perfect for kids. Non-toxic, non-staining and with all the small pieces sifted out making it gentler on the kiddos.

How do you maintain a sand pit?

If sandpit hygiene is a concern, rake the surface regularly. This will stir up the sand and remove any rubbish. Remove any dirt or rubbish that you can see, then wash the sand with tap water if rainfall does not regularly assist with its cleaning. Disinfection of the sand pit is only necessary when it has become visibly soiled.