Cantilever Umbrella

Cantilever Umbrella

Reasons to Buy a Cantilever Umbrella

Buy the best outdoor cantilever umbrella at only Pay Later Alligator. We are selling more varieties of outdoor umbrellas at affordable prices in Australia. A cantilever umbrella is also known as a side-post umbrella. This enables you to utilize the canopy's whole shadow. With the side-to-side rotation and angled-tilt capabilities of our cantilever umbrellas, you can change the shade with the sun throughout the day.Cantilevers, commonly referred to as offset outdoor umbrellas, have a jointed or arched pole that is offset to one side. The canopy may hang freely over a variety of seating and table arrangements because it is supported from the side and above.

Why Do You Need a Cantilever Umbrella?

Our outdoor cantilever umbrella's key advantage is that it may provide coverage for a wide area without creating the hindrance that a central pole does. This is especially crucial if you're covering a hot tub or a dining table without an umbrella hole. They are significantly more adaptable since many cantilevers may spin to offer 360° coverage. Patio umbrellas with offset poles are often more costly and ask for larger bases.We have the right Outdoor gears for you which provide the following benefits

Lifting, Opening, And Closing

Small center pole umbrellas are quite simple to manually open, raise, and close. Their portable canopies are often easy to hoist with one hand while securing it with the other by inserting a pin. Larger canopies that weigh more and may be higher above the ground make it more difficult. Crank mechanisms or pulleys are more effective in certain situations. The majority of side pole patio umbrellas open with levers or cranks, but a handful also utilize gas-assisted technology to raise enormous coverings.

Turning -

You could choose a model with a lever mechanism if you intend to rotate the canopy of a cantilever umbrella to shade neighboring locations. Many side-post parasols can rotate 360 degrees.


By utilizing a crank or lever lift to raise the canopy to a height lower than its maximum height, you may tilt the front edge of many outdoor cantilever umbrellas. A few even slightly change their slant from side to side. It is comparatively simple because of these mechanisms.By turning a crank, wrapping a collar around the pole, or pushing a button close to the center hub, you may tilt a market umbrella. The first two alternatives are very simple to handle, however, if you want to utilize the umbrella via a hole in an outdoor dining table, you must pay close attention to the mechanism's height.


It's simple to safeguard garden parasol with sleeve-like weather-resistant coverings. From the top, they easily glide over the closed canopy, and a snap or drawstring is used to fasten the bottom around the pole. Protective coverings for side pole umbrellas may encircle the post, the collapsed canopy, or only the canopy. The former has the extra advantage of casting an attractive, simple profile when exposed to the public.


The weight of your patio umbrellas as a whole and whether or not your freestanding base has wheels both play a significant role in portability. Remove the pole and canopy from the base of the market umbrella, move the base, and then re-insert the pole into the base tube. Typically, the base is simply tilted in the direction of the axle to contact the wheels.


The base of the majority of outdoor cantilever umbrellas occupies horizontal floor space, making them easy to store. The pole and collapsed canopy only occupy vertical space and are rather thin. However, offset umbrellas have far greater storage needs. When the canopy is closed, some feature fixed frames with extended arms. Others feature arms that fold into the upright structure to take up less horizontal space while being stored. Additionally, certain models let you completely remove the canopy, allowing you to store it without ever changing the frame or base. Cantilever awnings are secure in the wind? A cantilever umbrella, which is hung and supported by a support rod positioned to one side rather than in the center of the canopy, is a fantastic option for wind resistance. The distinctive design offers mobility, strength, stability, and safety.So, you can buy any outdoor equipment because here at the Pay Later Store you can pay later for your shopping by using different payment methods such as Openpay, Afterpay, Zippay, HUMM/Oxipay, etc which makes Pay Later Alligator very unique from others!