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Keezi Wooden Outdoor Sand Box Set Sand Pit- Natural Wood

$143.99 $359.99

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Keezi Kids Table & Chair Sandpit Set

$90.99 $226.99

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Keezi Boat Sand Pit

$224.99 $561.99

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Keezi Boat-shaped Canopy Sand Pit

$225.99 $565.99

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Sandbox with Adjustable Roof Wood Blue UV50

$129.99 $185.99
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SA31 Strongbox 2 Square Sandpit

$109.00 $189.00
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SA44 Joey Sandpit with Canopy

$129.00 $199.00
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SA18 Boat Sand Pit

$169.00 $189.00
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SA22 Large Sand Pit

$189.00 $229.00
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SA42 Skipper Sandpit with Canopy

$229.00 $269.00
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SA38 Mighty Rectangular Sandpit

$349.00 $399.00
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SA40 Playfort Sandpit with Canopy

$439.00 $459.00
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Large Sandpit w/ Wooden Cover

$319.00 $408.00
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Keezi Wooden Outdoor Sand Box Set Sand Pit- Natural Wood

$230.99 $578.99

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Keezi Wooden Outdoor Sandpit Set – Natural Wood

$128.99 $322.99

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Keezi Boat Sand Pit With Canopy

$248.99 $621.99

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Keezi Outdoor Canopy Sand Pit

$176.99 $443.99

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Kids Playhouse with Sandbox Wood Blue UV50

$336.99 $480.99

SA24 Explorer Boat Sand Pit with Canopy

$169.00 $249.00
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Skipper Sandpit with Orange/White Canopy

$179.00 $269.00
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SA34 Jack sandpit with Canopy on Wheels

$279.00 $349.00

Playfort Sandpit w/ Cover

$509.00 $538.00

Mighty Rectangular Sand Pit w/ Wooden Cover

$499.00 $548.00

Great Outdoor fun for kids in Your Backyard with our Sandpit

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Encourage Outdoor Play and Provide Creative Support with our Sandpit

We ensure hours of active role-play with any kids sandpit you choose for your little one. This fun toy isn’t great for no reason. As kids engage in a role-play, build sandcastles and more using their best creativity, it harnesses their imagination and creative spirit and assures overall a healthy mind. 

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