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Weightlifting Belt

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20KG PRO Olympic Rubber Bumper Weight Plate

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MF-4000 Bench

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MF4000 + 120 Weightset

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Cortex 120kg Cast iron Weight Set

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Cortex 40kg Cast Iron Weight Plate only set

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Cortex 40kg Tri-Bar Set

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Cortex Black Series Bumper Olympic Plate Set 110kg (10/20/25 x2)

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Cortex Black Series Bumper Olympic Plate Set 150kg (5/10/15/20/25 x2)

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BPB15 Cortex Black Bumper Olympic Plate 15kg (Pair)

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$109.00 $200.00

Weights – Hit the next milestone at your home gym

As a fact, weights play an essential role in your workouts, whether you workout at a commercial gym or your home gym. Initially, you need to learn appropriate techniques of using weights and then start slow if you are a beginner. At first, your muscles, tendons and ligaments need to get used to and then you can rapidly progress accordingly. Use proper weights, which generally depends on how much weight your body can lift and then you can gradually increase the weight. Take enough rest as it recovers your body well. 

Weight training – A popular workout to tone, lift and shape your body

It’s clear that weight training improves your overall appearance and strengthens your muscles effectively. Besides, weight lifting offers excellent flexibility to your body and enhances your biomotor abilities such as endurance, power, speed, balance and strength. Apart from that, it has many other benefits such that weight training aids fat loss while minimizing the risks of several health issues. Obesity, diabetes and osteoporosis and more disease usually stay away and help you get closer to your fitness goals.   

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