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Artiss Double Size Fabric Bed Frame Headboard Grey

$212.96 $572.99

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Double PU Leather Bed Frame Brown

$303.17 $815.99
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Double PU Leather Bed Frame Black

$303.17 $815.99
63% 20 in stock V63-761285-02_1_8.jpgV63-761285-01_1_8.jpg

Double PU Leather Deluxe Bed Frame White

$453.83 $1,218.99
63% 20 in stock V63-761295-02_1_8.jpgV63-761295-01_1_8.jpg

Double PU Leather Deluxe Bed Frame Brown

$453.83 $1,218.99
63% 20 in stock V63-761305-02_1_8.jpgV63-761305-01_1_8.jpg

Double PU Leather Deluxe Bed Frame Black

$453.83 $1,218.99
63% 20 in stock V63-800837-02_7.jpgV63-800837-01_7.jpg

Double Linen Fabric Bed Frame Grey

$303.17 $815.99
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Double Linen Fabric Bed Frame Beige

$303.17 $815.99
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Linen Fabric Double Deluxe Bed Frame Beige

$453.83 $1,218.99
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4 Four Poster Double Bed Frame

$219.47 $589.99
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Double PU Leather Deluxe Bed Frame Black

$467.78 $1,256.99
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Double Linen Fabric Deluxe Bed Frame Grey

$467.78 $1,256.99
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Double PU Leather Deluxe Bed Frame White

$467.78 $1,256.99
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Artiss Double Size Metal Bed Frame – Black

$193.43 $519.99
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Artiss Metal Double Bed Frame – Black

$136.70 $366.99

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Artiss Tiyo Gas Lift Bed Frame – Double

$339.44 $911.99
63% 29 in stock SBED-BED-BASE-D-CHA-AB-01.jpgSBED-BED-BASE-D-CHA-AB-00.jpg

Artiss Bed Base Double Size Frame Fabric Charcoal

$222.26 $596.99

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Set up The Perfect Double Bed with our Sturdy and Luxury Double Bed Frame

double bed is a right solution for kids growing up and students allowing them to stretch out in bed comfortably. At Pay Later Alligator, we believe that we a bed is the core of bedroom furniture, and that’s why deliver sturdy and stylish beds with the best prices all around Australia. 

We have numerous double bed frame varieties available across various material choices, colour tones and designs. You can choose your preferred bed frame materials from the following options:

  • Solid wood beds
  • Oak beds
  • Metal beds
  • Linen Fabric beds
  • Fabric Upholstery beds
  • PU Leather beds

Metal and solid woods are best-known for simple and sophisticated vibes, and they are a solid construction of high-quality materials. Linen fabric and PU leather beds come with a plush headboard which is great for creating luxury appeal in your bedroom. 

We have various styles available to spruce up your bedroom like traditional, vintage retro, modern classic and contemporary stylish patterns. Gas lift and drawer bed frames are best-sellers as they are mostly chosen owing to ample of storage space to store bedding essentials and a collection of seasonal sheet sets. 

Choose your material and pick up the right design and let us serve you the perfect double bed frame, whether you’re looking forward to a guest bedroom or a dream bed for your child.

Shop The Best Double Bed Frame Now and Pay Later

Shop the best double bed frame of your choice at the most affordable price only at We alert you on every special occasion for special rates and discounts to make your day memorable. 

Whether you buy a linen bed frame or metal bed frame, we ensure sturdy quality and lasting durability. Shop your bed now and pay later at your convenience. Select Afterpay, Humm, Zippay, LayBuy, Latitudepay or Payitlater at checkout and pay later in instalments without any price of interest.