BedSide Table

BedSide Table

Stylish and Functional Bedside Tables to Enhance the Look of Your Bedroom

There is no bedtime routine that could be complete without a bedside table. Bedside tables come in handy to hold anything from a bedside lamp to a book before bed. They might seem like tinier bedroom furniture, but they’re versatile and help your bed look more appealing. Here are some things you might want to consider before buying the right side table for your bedroom.

How can bedside tables benefit you?

If you want your bedroom to be a cosy, relaxing space where you can unwind after a long day at work, bedside tables are an excellent choice. They come in handy for a variety of purposes. Besides those drawers they feature, the tabletop can be used to hold a night lamp. As it is on the side table, you can quickly turn out the light just before hitting the sack. As well, if you need light in the middle of the night, you can turn it on by just stretching your hand.

The most important advantage of a bedside table is functionality. Drawers of side tables serve as an added functionality to your bedroom where you can store your gadgets and even household essentials. Keeping your phone or towels on the bedside table is also handy if you need them at night, such as while you sleep.

Drawers on a bedside table: what should you put inside?

Everything you need during the night, nothing that needs to be exhibited, and everything that will fit!

A side table with drawers serves as an excellent piece of furniture to store that extra pair of garments or a book you just bought. The most common things people keep in their bedside drawers are pills, lotions, novels and magazines, chargers, eye masks, spectacles, socks etc.

To keep all the above-mentioned items organised, declutter your space and fall asleep, a bedside table is a perfect solution.

How can you choose the best style of bedside table?

The best bedside table is one that offers ample functionality and looks stylish as well. The one that complements your bed and contributes to the overall charm of a bedroom. At Pay Later Alligator, you can browse through our huge selection of side tables that are available in different styles, finishes and patterns. Below are some popular types of bedside tables you can explore on our site.

Glass Bedside Tables

Floating Bedside Table LED Bedside Table Mirrored Bedside Tables Wooden Bedside Table Bedside Table Set of 2

These side tables can be bought in a pair of two or individually. Nevertheless, a pair will make your bed look more stylish. You can also choose your bedside tables based on their storage capacity.

1-drawer side tables

2-drawer side tables

3-drawer side tables

Make your choice based on the finish that matches the rest of your bedroom decor and furnishings as well as the drawer style that suits your preferences.

How to style up a bedside table?

A set of table lamps serve an essential purpose and are aesthetically pleasing. Besides, you can put artificial plants, photo frames, an alarm clock, vases and even ornaments on side tables. If you want, you can display books standing up.

You can also put homeware essentials if you want. But try to keep it neat and simple.

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