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We offer all types of Chairs such as Massage Chairs in affordable price ranges Australia-wide. Get fast delivery in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, and Sydney. Buy now with the Afterpay option to get a discount. Massage chairs were first introduced to the market in the late 1980s. Aimed to emulate the motions and techniques of a real masseuse, the massage chair was aimed at relieving tension, and stress, and reducing back pain.

Amazing Features Of Recliner Chair You Must Know

The recliner massage chairs are a great addition to any home. They provide you with enough features that can be used for your greater health. This is not a normal chair as it provides you with the function of massage moreover in different and fun ways. Pay Later Alligator offers a wide selection of massage chairs with a variety of features, settings, and costs in Australia. Knowing what you actually want from a massage chair recliner can help you make better decisions. For you, we've compiled the top 5 massage chair characteristics.


The most crucial feature of a recliner chair is the kneading massage. A soft or forceful squeeze is used during kneading massage. For a kneading massage, the rollers must go sideways over your back. Make sure the motor in the massage chair you buy from us is solely used for the kneading massage. This guarantees that the motor's torque will be sufficient for the kneading to operate perfectly.

Heat Therapy

When used correctly, heat has powerful therapeutic properties. The best electric massage chairs frequently feature heating components built right into the seats. While some of our chairs can heat more than one region, some can only heat one. If possible, try to buy heating with distinct area settings so you can only apply heat where you want it. The heat helps to decrease edema and improve blood flow, and it is very calming.

Automatic Programs

The majority of massage chairs have automated settings. To start the massage, simply click a button on the massage chair. The car programs adhere to pre-set programs that the manufacturers have created. The numerous massage techniques, locations, massage systems, and durations are all controlled by the auto programs. Not every auto program is made equally. Make sure the auto programs will carry out the massage therapies you choose. Make sure the training can effectively address that region if you suffer from lower back discomfort.


After a long day at work, return home. Sit in your full-body massage chair as you get a drink or a glass of wine. Play some relaxing music, shut your eyes, and allow the stresses of the world to fade.Having both are two of life's greatest gifts, along with being healthy. You may receive a warm lower back massage and 8 various points of massage from your leather reclining chair. Spend money on your health. To treat yourself, simply connect the rear to the power outlet. Choose a good spot for your massage reclining chair. Get a massage as you read that captivating book or watch your favourite TV show.

Extension of the Footrest

This is a very straightforward function; nevertheless, a footrest extension is needed to accommodate taller customers. The footrest may often extend an additional 3 to 4 inches using footrest extensions. This may not seem like much, but it makes a big difference in whether you can fit on the massage chair. You should look into this more if you are five foot ten or taller. We have two types of footrests such as:Footstool PouffesBuy now with the best massage chair price because here at Pay Later Alligator you can have your dream chairs!

How much time can you spend in a massage chair?

The best time to use the chair is in small intervals of two to fifteen minutes. The advantages, comfort, and relaxation that a massage chair delivers to your aching muscles may be experienced in little more than fifteen minutes.

What is the value of a massage chair?

You may receive massage therapy whenever you choose, in the privacy and comfort of your own home, thanks to a massage chair. In the end, recliner massage chairs are worth the money. Regular massages offer convenience and health advantages that greatly surpass the initial expense of owning a chair.

Can you burn calories on a massage chair?

Overall, if you maintain a balanced diet and exercise frequently, a recliner massage chair can aid in weight loss. It won't work if your sole goal is to reduce weight while sitting in a massage chair. On the other hand, a massage chair will serve as a powerful accelerator for your complete weight-loss endeavor.The main reason to choose Pay Later Alligator for purchase is that it has over 5+ different payment methods. You will get a 12-month warranty on most products, unless stated otherwise. Some products will be provided with an extended warranty for your peace.