Sun Loungers

Sun Loungers

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We have a wide collection of outdoor sun loungers at an affordable price in Australia. Buy now with Afterpay. Pay Later Alligator offers various types of patio sun loungers such as folding and rocking sun loungers with cushions and tables. Fast Delivery to Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra. If a day at the beach or pool sounds like the perfect way to spend your summer, consider adding a set of 2 pieces sun Loungers to your backyard. These comfy loungers will add a nice touch of color and comfort to your patio area. You can also use these screens indoors if you have an area where the sun does shine indirectly, such as an upstairs window that cannot open quite wide enough for doors or other openings in your window frame.

A perfect addition to your patio, sun loungers are built with high-quality materials for lasting use. Enjoy some quality time outdoors in your backyard or patio without getting all hot and sweaty.

What are the best types of sun loungers?

We have various types of sun loungers are available at our online store in Australia. Below list of types of outdoor sun loungers.Reclining Sun Loungers Folding Sun loungers Lounge Bed Rocking Sun Lounger Sun Lounger with Canopy Sun lounge Recliner Chair

Reclining sun loungers:

These chairs, also known as garden loungers, are perfect for reading and relaxing while soaking up some sunshine. An ergonomically designed sun lounger gives you a relaxing experience when the sun is out. It is possible to adjust a reclining sun lounger so that it sits at many different angles. Reclining sun loungers are available in various designs, finishes, and styles to choose from.

Folding Sun Lounger

It is great to have a foldable sun lounger that can be stored when not in use. Since they’re lightweight, foldable sun loungers can also be taken to your beach gateways.

Lounge Bed

Whether you want to use it outside in your backyard, patio, or poolside, a lounge bed is a luxury piece of furniture. Also known as a daybed, a lounge bed is a perfect way to chill outdoors in any season. At Pay Later Alligator, we stock lounge beds in various designs, styles, and finishes. Additionally, you have the option of choosing a single or double bed based on your size.

Some lounge beds may require wide outdoor areas to be installed, so if you have a small yard, you may want to choose another type.

Rocking Sun Lounger

Relax and sunbathe at the swimming pool, balcony, patio, or garden with a rocking sun lounger. This piece of outdoor furniture is made of teak wood that has been seasoned and kiln-dried, then fine sanded to give it that glossy finish.

This sun bed is designed with a rocking motion for added relaxation. Relaxing in the sun is made comfortable with the cushion installed on the rocking lounger. Several finishes are available; choose the one that suits you best.

Sun Lounger with Canopy

As soon as you've had your fill of soaking up the sun, it's time to seek cover. A sun lounger with a canopy is one of the best pieces of outdoor furniture. These beds come with a canopy attached to the structure so you can enjoy the sunbath without being distracted by the glare. Sun loungers with canopies are available in many types of designs, structures and styles. Depending on your requirements, you can choose the right one.

Sun lounge Recliner Chair

If you're looking for versatile outdoor furniture that can be used in a variety of ways, you'll never go wrong with a sun lounger chair. A reclining chair can instantly be turned into a lounger in no time. So, in the morning, you can enjoy breakfast with the chair, and in the afternoon, you can relax with it as a lounge. There's nothing better than this!

Not least, this recliner cum lounge chair is available in many different designs, styles, and materials, so you have options to make a choice from.

Can you sleep on a sun lounge?

Reclining sun loungers offer absolutely comfort to lie down or taking naps while soaking up the sun. There are also lounge beds that can be used as sun loungers for sleeping comfortably. For naps, normal sun loungers will probably not be that comfortable.

What are sun loungers made of?

A thermoplastic polymer with good thermal and abrasion resistance, polypropylene is widely used for sun loungers, garden furniture, and in general outdoor furniture. It is one of the most durable outdoor furniture and can withstand moderately harsh weather.

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