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Garden Trolley 350 kg Load

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Garden Trolley 350 kg Load

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Foldable hand truck

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Garden Trolley 300 kg Load

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Buy Our Garden Cart and Make your Garden Happening

Environmental pollution is increasing with the growing population. The polluted environment is badly affecting the health of humans. Gardens are the most vital source to control environmental pollution. Trees take in carbon dioxide, which is the primary source of environmental pollution, and release oxygen. Gardeners require garden equipment to maintain the overall system of the garden. A Garden cart is an essential tool to carry the waste of gardens, soil, stones, or cement. Our online store, “Pay Later Alligator.” sells super-quality garden tools and different types and sizes. You can check the garden trolley in different colors from our website. 

Good Quality

We have garden cart of different sizes that can vary in the weight carrying limit and are available in different material types. The material we use is the manufacturing of dumb garden cart is durable and rust-resistant. These garden trolley can carry a maximum load of about 75L,270kg weight, and are available in green and black colors. The D-shaped handle of the cart allows the comfortable grip to carry the heavy load. The tires are of rubber material that provides friction to the cart on the slippery surface. The frame of the cart is steel, and the cart is of plastic material. Many online stores are selling garden tools, but the carts available in our store are of the best quality. We use super-quality material in the manufacture of our products because our customers’ satisfaction is our priority. 


You can grow a garden in the yard of your house to enhance the beauty or control pollution. The garden items include pebbles, soil, flowers, plants, waste of plants that need to be carried in or out of it. Therefore garden trolley make it easy to move items from one place to another.

Types of the available 

We have different types of garden tools available in our store, including mesh garden steel carts, folding hand trolleys, wheelbarrow two wheels cart, trolley with canopy, rolling garden cart, lawn tractor etc. All are available with a different weight carrying capacity. You can buy the one according to your need from our store