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Forget the Messy Nail Paint Application with UV Nail Lamps
One of the biggest struggles for beauty is to have a mess-free nail paint application, but nail paints take almost forever to dry, and unfortunately, you smudge it somewhere, no matter how long you wait for it to dry. Almost everyone fails to get a salon-like manicure at home. The problem is solved with UV nails or LED nail lamps. These lamps help to dry the nail paint fast and make them smudge-free.
How do they work?
UV lamps transmit the ultraviolet rays that help to Cure the nail polish. A UV nail lamp can cure UV as well as LED gel polish but LED nail. Light cures only gel nail polish. The curing time of both lamps is different. UV nail lamp work slower than LED lights. It takes almost 2-3 minutes to cure compared to Led nail lamps that require only 30-40 seconds to dry with a nail dryer.

The nail lamps are suitable for drying the gel polish, but the polish’s durability depends not on the light but the polish application. The better you apply the gel polish, the longer it will stay on your nails.  After using your gel polish, you have to put your hand under the lamp for some time until the polish cures. They may not work on the regular nail paints and nail dryer.
The IV nail lamps are available at a reasonable price than the LED nail lamps. You can find different varieties at Pay Later Alligator, where the Afterpay service can facilitate you by allowing you to make your payments later, so hurry up and buy your nail lamp for a mess-free manicure at home.