Manually Operated Cross Slide Drill Press Vice 70 mm

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This cross slide vice can be used to firmly secure workpieces for precise metalwork. Thanks to its excellent clamping force, the vice will not budge during drilling or milling. Manufactured from cast iron, the vise is strong and sturdy. This cross slide vice will be helpful when a lot of holes need to be drilled in the same workpiece, as the two axes can be adjusted by lead screws. This unit also features a stable base, which can be easily mounted to your workbench.

  • Material: Cast iron
  • Jaw width: 80 mm
  • Jaw opening: 70 mm
  • Jaw depth: 31 mm
  • Longitudinal travel: 70 mm
  • Cross travel: 65 mm
  • Overall height: 290 mm
  • Base size: 265 x 122 mm (L x W)


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