Savour Favourite Cue Sport Games with Afterpay Pool Tables

For years, the game of pool is well-known as one of the royal sports games in the history of games. The usual reason behind this is that not everyone in the world can afford the game it complies within the caved boundaries of it. If you’ve played this game or are a regular player at home or at a pub or maybe at your friend’s place then you might be familiar how magnificent the game is once it has settled and all you crave is to spare the last ball to win the game. The different games which played on a pool table are often known cue sports and very frequently the pool table is called a billiard table. As for professionals, there are plenty of types of cue sports can be played on across major subdivisions like Carrom billard, Snooker, Pool, Russian Pyramids etc. But for beginners, they often refer to it as just a pool game that they may have appreciated before at someplace.  

As cue sport games are absolute fun and trigger the thrill between players, there are professional championships have been organizing in several countries and also they announce the substantial amount of prizes for winners. However, a pool table can be brought home to enjoy the exciting games with your loved ones, it doesn’t have anything to do with the level of your skill. A game is a game and you can relish it for fun and excitement of your time. A great pool table won’t cost much and there’s no doubt with bringing up it at your home, you can gradually become a master at any of pool games. So if you decide to get a pool table at home or probably want to gift it to your loved one, we’re listing down some great pool tables which are well-known for delivering an exceptional playing experience.

  1. 8FT PUB SIZE POOL TABLE SNOOKER BILLIARD TABLE BLUE / BLACK: This Pool table can be an ideal solution for your hubby who likes it to have challenging games. Since 8FT * 4FT is perfect for home which used in pubs, it contains extra thick legs up to 50mm. The colour of the felt surface is blue and exceptionally constructed for high speed of billiards’ rushing throughout the land of the table when hit by a cue. The pool table is adjustable up to the 1 inch by the feet for most comfortable playing experience and supports both indoor and outdoor playing moments. Concerning the assembly, without any doubt, it allows very simple assemblage but heavy and sturdy material which make sense to the table’s supreme quality and long lasting durability. Most importantly, the table includes a huge list of accessories like 3 superlative wooden handle cue sticks, 1 cross assist cue, one score counter, one set of pool balls, one set of snooker balls and much more necessities that you require to have a smart and exciting pool game for your convenience.
  2. PUB SIZE 8FT SNOOKER BILLIARD TABLE WITH 10MM TABLE TENNIS / POKER TOP: Just like the same as the one above, it contains the same size of 8FT * 4FT. But this additionally features table tennis and poker top with a slight hiked price, which has proved impressive for pool lovers allowing them an option to try out ping pong. The pool table is well-known among all for its one side table tennis and other side poker surface. Containing the same dimension, easy assembly and also the same accessories, this pool table has added extra 2 rackets, 3 balls and 1 net as table tennis equipment. More than anything, the table comes with an extra accessory pool kit which adds more worth to the table’s credibility.
  3. PUB SIZE 8FT SNOOKER BILLIARD TABLE WITH 6 LEGS & LEATHER POCKETS: The six legs are essential for your routine of pool playing moments to last long. The same dimensions but six legs version makes it look super pool with good felt space and the ball return feature. As a ball sinks into one of the holes, it will automatically return to the end of the table. Not just that, the pool table also contains the adjustable feet up to 1 inch, which is great to adjust it according to your convenience. For playing accessories, it provides all the necessary things that you have seen in a pub with all sturdiness assuring you their outstanding use for a long lifespan. Furthermore, this pool table comes with a water-resistant table cover which is a fantastic option to store it in your backyard or garden area.

Cheers to your challenging & winning pool moments with greetings in the form of exclusive discounts on your favourite pool tables. Pool game is considered as a kind of royal sport and we here at HR Sports, aspire to deliver luxurious and royal pool time moments with our premier pool tables. Our pool tables are well-known for their thickness and heavy material quality as it what makes sense to a sturdy and long lasting pool table blessing you with unlimited fun and exhilarated pool time moments for lots of years.  

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