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17% 5 in stock WALLBALL-4KG_02.jpgWALLBALL-4KG_01.jpg

WB04 Wall Ball -4kg

$57.00 $69.00
17% 5 in stock WALLBALL-6KG_02.jpgWALLBALL-6KG_01.jpg

WB06 Wall Ball-6kg

$62.00 $75.00
18% 5 in stock WALLBALL-8KG_02.jpgWALLBALL-8KG_01.jpg

WB08 Wall Ball-8kg

$65.00 $79.00
12% 5 in stock WALLBALL-10KG_02.jpgWALLBALL-10KG_01.jpg

WB10 Wall Ball-10kg

$75.00 $85.00
60% Out of stock 821801_2.jpg821801_1.jpg
60% Out of stock 821821_2.jpg821821_1.jpg
10% Out of stock MEDBALL2_02.jpgMEDBALL2_amazon-01.jpg

MB02 Medicine Ball 2kg

$35.00 $39.00
8% Out of stock MEDBALL4_02.jpgMEDBALL4_amazon-01.jpg

MB04 Medicine Ball 4kg

$45.00 $49.00
7% Out of stock MEDBALL6_02.jpgMEDBALL6_amazon-01.jpg

MB06 Medicine Ball 6kg

$55.00 $59.00
6% Out of stock MEDBALL8_02.jpgMEDBALL8_amazon-01.jpg

MB08 Medicine Ball 8kg

$65.00 $69.00
24% Out of stock MEDBALLSET30_amazon-01.jpg
49% Out of stock SLAMBALL6KG_02.jpgSLAMBALL6KG_amazon-01.jpg

SB6 6kg Slam Ball

$20.00 $39.00
44% Out of stock SLAMBALL8KG_02.jpgSLAMBALL8KG_amazon-01.jpg

SB8 8kg Slam Ball

$25.00 $45.00
51% Out of stock SLAMBALL10KG_02.jpgSLAMBALL10KG_amazon-01.jpg

SB10 10kg Slam Ball

$29.00 $59.00
45% Out of stock SLAMBALL12KG_02.jpgSLAMBALL12KG_amazon-01.jpg

SB12 12kg Slam Ball

$35.00 $64.00
45% Out of stock SLAMBALL15KG_02.jpgSLAMBALL15KG_amazon-01.jpg

SB15 15kg Slam Ball

$49.00 $89.00
34% Out of stock SLAMBALL20KG_02.jpgSLAMBALL20KG_amazon-01.jpg

SB20 20kg Slam Ball

$79.00 $119.00
36% Out of stock SLAMBALLX6KG_02.jpgSLAMBALLX6KG_01.jpg

SB6X 6KG Slamball

$25.00 $39.00
36% Out of stock SLAMBALLX8KG_02.jpgSLAMBALLX8KG_01.jpg

SB8X 8KG Slamball

$29.00 $45.00
41% Out of stock SLAMBALLX10KG_02.jpgSLAMBALLX10KG_01.jpg

SB10X 10KG Slamball

$35.00 $59.00
39% Out of stock SLAMBALLX12KG_02.jpgSLAMBALLX12KG_01.jpg

SB12X 12KG Slamball

$39.00 $64.00
29% Out of stock SLAMBALLX15KG_01.jpg

SB15X Slamball 15kg

$54.00 $76.00
26% Out of stock SLAMBALLX20KG_01.jpg

SB20X Slamball 20kg

$69.00 $93.00
14% Out of stock SLAMBALLX25KG_01.jpg

SB25X Slamball 25kg

$95.00 $110.00
18% Out of stock SLAMBALLX30KG_01.jpg

SB30X Slamball 30kg

$119.00 $145.00
78% Out of stock FITNESSBALL55-GY_01.jpg

FB55G Fitness Ball 55cm Grey

$17.50 $79.00
75% Out of stock FITNESSBALL65-GY_01.jpg
49% Out of stock FITNESSBALL75_amazon_media-01.jpg

Fitness Ball 75cm

$25.00 $49.00
62% Out of stock FITNESSBALL85-GY_01.jpg

Medicine Ball and Slam Ball for your Home Gym Equipment

Presenting medicine ball, slam ball and all types of gym balls for sale for home gym as well as gymnasium. Medicine ball exercises are powerful that work to build strength in core areas of your body. Regular and different workouts with a gym ball make you fit and give you a toned body. Considering multiple body workouts, we represent our medicine balls and gym balls with a promise to full body workout. Explore our range of gym balls and medicine balls with perfect gripping and ideal weight variants, all with standard gym alternatives. Find out your choice from our versatile medicine ball and start working out on your fitness goals energetically.

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Great values of a medicine ball, slam ball and all other gym balls at Pay Later Alligator. Medicine ball workouts are cited as fun and without any doubt, our balls in stock will be firm support to your exercise. Whether it’s medicine ball, slam ball or any kind of gym ball, we bet that you will discover the best prices here only on Pay Later Alligator. Apart from low prices, best grip and sturdy quality, we provide our buyers with a unique payment service that stands as Buy Now, Pay Later. By which, you can buy a medicine ball now and pay for it later using our best payment options as Afterpay, Humm, LayBuy and Zippay.