Massage Table


Luxurious Detailing and Comfortable

Are you feeling low? The massage bed is perfect for getting you relaxed—a comfortable and durable massage bed with a high-density material. The massage table is an exceptional spa and beauty item to give you some relaxation and free time.Our table has an eco-friendly breathable protective sheet. The massage table's protective sheet perfectly fits the table warmers and fleece pads to allow the heat to pass through. This massage bed offers the ultimate experience. The exceptionally designed massage table has a height-adjustable device. It is a unique salon and a home product convenient to work better.

Easy to Manage and Install

Get yourself an easy to install massage bed that does not require any tools. A salon is the best place to be, but what perfect is when you can have a relaxing salon at your home. Installing is so easy. You just have to unfold the massage bed.The leg and the middle part will automatically fall into place. You will save precious time by using a quick installation method. The easy-to-wipe surface of the bed cover is comfortable for your client while extending the life of your fleece pads has a breathable feel.

Lightweight Massage Bed

Who doesn’t like a lightweight item to be used in the salon and in the house? Our massage table is easy to move around if you are on the go. Afterpay massage table weighs about 36lbs. Afterpay massage table is a portable item with a case having an adjustable shoulder strap and side pocket to hold oils and supplies.massage bed has a table sheet covered in durable, soft, easy to wash, and luxurious PU leather. A spa and an essential beauty bed offer a secure lock to ensure you a safe and convenient carrying of the massage bed.