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50% 191 in stock Garden Arch Door 1

Garden Arch Door

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Garden Arch Tower 2 pcs

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Garden Arch 200x52x204 cm

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Leave an Eye Catchy Impression
We have attractive yet elegant garden arches to give a classical and perfect for impressions & lasting memories for the birthday, wedding ceremonies, bridal and anniversaries parties & some other important events. If you want to display beautiful climbing plants, vines, and roses in the front or back garden, decorating your beloved garden with our garden arches in style is the perfect option. It is also ideal as a graceful archway into your garden or a particular corner. These garden arches give uncountable options for you to decorate it however you want for your special day! And it supports whatever your imagination & creativity lead you. This versatile arch can be height-adjusted to a shorter table-top arc by removing some or all vertical tubes.
The Perfect Size
The trellis can be built as either a tall 90”x64”x12” or wide 76”x92”x12” arch to suit your application. Ensure that the screws are tightened properly to build a stable & sturdy arch!

These are the easy to assemble garden arches, but with all 43 curved & straight tubes, it takes about 30 minutes or more to build your arch. Assembly instructions are provided. You can decorate the garden arches with vibrant flowers, tulle, balloons, foliage, lights, or anything else. It is a graceful entry to your garden even without climbing plants.
Easily Manageable Material
Our metal trellis is lightweight and can be assembled easily. Use movable parts to reach the desired height. The metal trellis adopts the latest black powder coating arch structure and tubular metal structure. The garden beautifier is easy to install. Use the manual guide to install it accordingly with the step by step. After installing, ensure it is fixed correctly and not easy to deform. Our products can be used multiple times, can be reused for your next event or project for your special day.