Beach Umbrella

Beach Umbrella

Buy our Beach Umbrellas Tent and Protect yourself

Nothing can spoil your hard-earned and eagerly anticipated beach trip like a sunburn. With a protected beach umbrella tent from Pay Later Alligator, you can avoid sunburn and the need to rush for aloe vera in an emergency and enjoy a stylish sun escape.What then constitutes a fantastic beach umbrella, you ask? Long afternoons spent playing in the surf or sand offer opportunities for error when it comes to applying sunscreen, therefore UV protection is at the top of the list. A physical barrier is necessary to keep infants safe because they cannot apply sunscreen until they are six months old.

Types of Beach Umbrellas Available At Pay Later Alligator

We have got you covered with a variety of beach umbrella tent that you can opt for according to your needs. We have got the best range and perfect sizes to choose from.

Beach Umbrella Anthracite

This one beach umbrella tent anthracite is made of UV Rays protection and the anti-fade polyester available in different colors from our store protects you from harmful rays. And provides you the sun shade protection.

Sun Shade Garden Shelter

Sun Shade Garden Shelter is the best UV and water-resistant that protects you from harmful rays. You can enjoy the best afternoon at any beach, you can set this up easily with a telescoping pole. Designed to protect you from sunshade and sideways too.

Outdoor Parasol with Steel Pole

Outdoor Parasol with Steel Pole our best purchase beach umbrella designed to give you the comfort and finest fabric quality that protects you from UV Rays, and is water resistant too. We have available in different colors and styles to choose from. The steel and wooden pole make it a unique piece as it is the most stable yet durable to use. We have more styles and types available for you to check here.

How to Choose the Best Beach Umbrella Tents?

See if it can be Setup Quickly

No other beach shade even comes close to the quickness of the beach umbrella tent when it comes to setup. Beach umbrellas can be set up in a matter of seconds, unlike other beach cover choices, which often boast setup times in the region of a few minutes.It's hard to beat the ease of not having to spend a lot of time setting up when you go to the beach, especially in situations when a bigger amount of beach shade is now needed. A beach umbrella tent is a convenient solution for one to three persons seeking appropriate beach shade without the hassle of setup.


Beach umbrellas are often not very large, despite the fact that they might be a bit lengthy. As a result, they are quite portable and simple to bring to the beach. They are also fairly frequent beach views, so even if space is limited due to crowding, they won't likely present a problem.Beach umbrella tents are really quick to set up and take down, and they are also quite simple to move if needed. Once setup is complete, the occupant(s) of bigger beach shade goods will feel forced to remain in one beach spot. It is quite simple to move to a different spot on the beach or to move because of the changing sun and waves.

Sun Protection

On Australian beaches, sun protection should be at the top of the list of necessities. A UPF 50+ provides the best UV protection available, preventing almost 98% of the Sun's dangerous UV radiation.

Size of a Beach Tent

Before purchasing a beach tent, consider how much room and sun protection you'll need. Think about how many people you want to fit inside. If there are only a few of you going to the beach, a smaller sunshade garden shelter would be appropriate. However, if your group is huge, a larger Beach Tent would be your best choice.

What is better: A beach umbrella or a beach tent?

The beach umbrella tents are more durable and easy to set up while beach umbrellas themselves have other features to look for.

What is the best beach umbrella to buy?

Based on our preferences any beach umbrella tent that has good fabric, easy to set up and protects from UV Rays is a good option to buy.

What color beach umbrella is best?

Dark colors are always best to choose from. However, you can go with your choice and if you have any theme for your beach party.

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