Wooden Umbrella

Wooden Umbrella

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Our Wooden Beach Umbrella here at Pay Later Alligator is designed to withstand the sun and stand tall on the sand. They primarily serve to shield you from the sun in the most exposed location. In order to prevent dangerous UV rays from entering your shaded area, beach umbrellas are normally composed of polyester material that has undergone UV treatment.

Why Do You Need a Beach Umbrella?

A Sand Spot Can Be Reserved

You won't be the only person attempting to enjoy the ocean's soothing waters and waves. All ages will be competing for a spot to pitch up camp beside the water. Your day will be less hectic with an umbrella to secure a position. With the outdoor umbrella, you've claimed that small place at the beach, so there's no need to compete for it. The SPF of Beach Umbrellas is Protection Normal Wooden Beach umbrellas are often small and light, but they are also delicate, and thin, and offer less sun protection than beach umbrellas. Beach umbrellas feature SPF ratings that are sufficient to shield you from the sun's rays. Additionally, the shade they offer is sufficient to demonstrate that they actually shield users from heat, radiation, and UV rays.

Double Protection from the Sun

You would already have adequate protection to withstand the heat if you regularly apply high-SPF sunscreen and other beach needs. However, because beach umbrellas have the aforementioned SPF protection, employing one doubles your protection from the sun's damaging rays.

Additional Security

Nowadays, there are countless people that take images. Most photos are frequently posted online for public viewing. People today employ a new technology called drone cameras. They are frequently used by individuals to get aerial shots of the countryside, particularly of beaches.Your beach umbrellas will offer you an additional degree of security if you don't want to be shown in these films and pictures. Your face and body will be hidden from view. Different Types of Wooden Beach Umbrella Available with us

Double Decker Parasol

The double-decker parasol makes your wooden beach umbrella more sturdy to use while giving you the double supports helps the support more than often.

Hanging Parasol

Hanging parasols pole beach wooden umbrellas are the most widely used ones. You can have it set under any spot and it will keep it like that forever. The hanging parasol design is made to use for by many people.

Outdoor Parasol

Outdoor parasol design has the most features and a unique piece of umbrella that makes it more of usage for a design that is used in windy weather mostly and not rainy.

Parasol with wooden pool

Parasol with a wooden pool is the best wooden beach umbrella that you can have to stand anywhere and enjoy your evening with a coffee. We have it available in different colors and styles.We have also got many others to choose from here.

How to Get the Best Umbrella?

Verify the Size

The size of the outdoor wooden umbrella is the main thing that you should take into account. You must consider the umbrella's diameter. Choose a wide umbrella with a diameter greater than 9 feet if you intend to spend the day at the beach with family and friends.Choose the smaller, 6-foot diameter umbrella if you only need it for yourself. When you are narrowing down your selection of umbrellas, you must keep this element in mind.

Choose the UV-resistant One

You need to pick a UV-protected umbrella straight away rather than only focusing on the fabric. Once you purchase it, UVA and UVB rays are not a concern. At the beach, you may unwind without worrying about damaging your skin. It's time to enjoy the beach without being concerned about UV radiation.


Checking the fabric is the next piece of advice you should do. It needs to be robust and durable. You can unwind on the beach in comfort when it can withstand all of the weather's extremes. So that you don't have to wait a long time to use it after a rainstorm, it should dry quickly.

Other Umbrellas Available at Pay Later Alligator :

Market Umbrella

We have a wide range of market umbrellas available at our store to buy. The market umbrellas are the most defined yet symmetrical in shape. Used in dining tables or standalone situations.

Paraflex Wall Mounted Umbrella

It has been used to save space and has an umbrella without having to worry about the stand. Paraflex Wall Mounted Umbrella is most used in small spaces, most ships, swimming pools, and different places have this.

Outdoor Cantilever Umbrella

That provides the best experience to have in any dining area and cafe shop. Outdoor Cantilever Umbrella is the most unique designed umbrella available at our store that has the pole on the side of the umbrella rather than the center.

Balcony Umbrella

It can be mounted in any of the areas and you can enjoy being in the shade while enjoying your day. Balcony Umbrella as the name suggests is the most suited one to be placed on your balcony.

How to choose the best Umbrella?

Choosing an umbrella cant to be difficult, hence you can have the most desirable one according to your needs.

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